IEEE EDS Upskilling Course

Electric Vehicle (EV) Mobility and Solutions

The skill enhancement program on EV mobility and solutions gives participants the set of skills needed to thrive in the EV industry. The upskilling course is in line with India's National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage to promote clean, connected, shared and holistic mobility initiatives. The course will cover hardware and software interfacing for EV applications, model-based approach in the development of EVs, regulatory framework, and ongoing research & development in the field of EV mobility. This program offers exposure to modern trends and standard practices following in the industry. Learners will get the industry-relevant skills needed to have them job ready. The major objective of this course is to create an ecosystem for research, innovation, skill development, entrepreneurship for green mobility. This program will also help in making the students aware of history and current market scenario and would bridge the gap between Industry and Academia .

Associated Companies 

Just Electric offers a wide spectrum of eco-friendly mobility alternatives, thoroughly invested to improve fuel economy and reduce fossil fuel dependency. Make no compromise with your voyaging spirit by selecting from our three dynamic retrofit offerings.

Welcome to Redigo – we’re the friend who gets you! Redigo is central India’s first smart green shareable mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute pollution free, time saving, relaxing, reliable andconvenient.

We are EV Urjaa !!!

We are a service firm with a vision of building sustainable infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Charging station and mobility in India. We also provide consultancy for electric-vehicles.

Welcome to QuanTechL2M Innovations Pvt. Ltd. 

An Indian atmanirbhar initiative to provide portable IOT-based solutions for real-time environmental monitoring, early disease detection, soil fertility and water monitoring. We are contributing towards safe & sustainable future.  

Date: March 10-11 , 2023 (Friday & Saturday)

Venue : Vikramshila Seminar Hall Complex, 

              IIT Indore

Time : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

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